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Wedding First Dance Packages!

Let us Help you Create Memories, and build Your perfect dance for your Special Day! 

Our "Wedding Couple Packages" start at $60 per lesson. A lesson is one hour long, and can be scheduled at your convenience. Buying lessons in packages is a great way to take advantage of our discounts...

Wedding 3 Pack: $170 (Instead of $180)

Wedding 5 Pack: $285 (Instead of $300)

Wedding 10 Pack: $540 (Instead of $600!) This is our best savings, $60! That's a free lesson!

Call (316)266-4601 today to schedule your first "Wedding Couple" private lesson! 

Along with 'Wedding First Dance' choreography and lessons for our brides and grooms, we offer Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, and Surprise! Wedding Dance choreography, as seen in the video below.

*We reserve the right to refuse refunds on a case by case basis.*

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