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"The classes and events here are always a blast! Excellent dance studio with great instructors who make learning fun, highly recommend!"
-Brian L.

"Rachel is a very talented instructor. I initially had the idea to improve my 12 year old son's footwork for boxing. When we started coming, he loved it. Knowing how to dance and have rhythm is a good thing to know for a teenager's confidence in getting comfortable with their bodies. I would recommend trying some classes with Rachel, she is very polite and welcoming."
-Spencer F.

"The Pole Fitness Instructor Marty kept very professional but made class SO much fun and made all of us feel comfortable and welcomed.  We will definitely be going back for more classes! Highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to feel strong, sexy, and just have fun!"
-Candace B.

*We reserve the right to refuse refunds on a case by case basis.*

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